Only Affiliated Bikram Yoga Studio in Central Oregon.  Real Bikram, with an assortment of Bikram certified and Bikram trained teachers.  


Improve your life!  A better YOU!

Nothing makes you feel like a Bikram Yoga Class!

Introductory Special, $20 for 10 consecutive days!  First month $49!

Get fit from the inside out!  In 90 minutes of sweating you will improve flexibility and digestion, slim down and tone up.  Reduce sports injuries and help heal old injuries.  Relief from stiffness, pain and stress and that’s just the beginning!

You feel great with a regular Bikram Yoga Practice. The class is always a beginning class suitable for all ages and stages.  We believe in making wellness accessible no matter where you are in life.

Our skilled instructors are passionate about making Bikram yoga work for you.  It doesn’t matter how fit or flexible you are, fitness and flexibility happen with a regular, consistent practice.   Join us with an open mind to a new experience.