Join us Sunday, January 6th for a

Hello Students!,

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Gather up your yoga gear, your journal, favorite pen,
and all the yoga questions you can muster for
a great day of meditation, practice, and discussion of how
we can better center our lives around intention and breath
to live in the bliss we all deserve in 2019!

Our amazing teachers have planned an entire day
dedicated to all parts of your yoga practice. And yes, we will spend time talking about the pelvis and how we move from the center for better alignment.
Make plans to attend any or all sessions of this event:

Exploring Alignment
Sunday, January 6th
7am to 7pm

$30 per session*
Save $25
when you by ALL sessions for $95

*Hot Yoga Classes are included in your membership.

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Exploring Alignment
Session Offerings 
Kundalini and Kirtan
Wendy and friends will greet us begin bright and early at 7am with a
Kundalini and Kirtan session to celebrate and unite
with the powers of the universe around us.
Original Hot Yoga Practice Themed Practice
Harness the energy of your morning meditation in a 90 minute Hot Yoga Class where we will explore the true meaning of asana and begin our voyage into the Three Pillars of Centering. Three Pillars of Centering Session
Beth will expand upon the basic foundation of Hatha yoga practice.
She will explain how to stay, remain, and breathe with intention to create a continued internal calmness and peace.Finding Your Center – Your Pelvis in Asana Session
Kathy will focus on how to position our center of gravity within
specific movements and postures in order to grant us more
freedom in our body, mind, and spirit every day.Original Hot Yoga Practice with Personal Adjustments
Beth, Wendy, and Kathy will assist you in applying the topics from the day to your personal postures while you practice.  This will be a great opportunity to get some individual attention in the moment!  These ladies are excited to empower you through deeper recognition of your body and the movements you make in class.Yoga Nidra Meditation with Crystal Bowls
Finish up your day with a soothing sound bath and guided meditation.
Journey deep within to receive healing, love, and light to take into your new year! 

What to bring:
Tea and snacks will be provided throughout the day to support you.
Bring your mat, towel, water, and any other clothes or supplies you will need to be comfortable throughout the day.
We are looking forward to another amazing year with you at

*If do not plan on attending the workshop
the 9:00am and 4:30 classes is open to all.