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Friday, July 28th @ 6:30 PM 
*Suggested donation, $5

unnamedYoga Nidra is a guided meditation that leads you through all levels of your being. Through the use of body sensing, breath awareness, guided imagery, and other practices you systematically journey inward to discover a better connect with yourself. Yoga Nidra has been used to aid insomnia, anxiety, depression, trauma, pain, as well as enhance creativity, spontaneity, and cultivate compassion.  Yoga Nidra requires nothing of you but to lie down and listen!  It has the power to heal, rejuvenate, and restore you at your core levels.

“I’ve have done many guided meditations. NOTHING has ever brought me to such a deep place of relaxation and peace as Yoga Nidra.”
~Susie McLagan


NEXT LEVEL 90 Intermediate Class
Same Poses, New Poses-Challenge Time!

This 90-minute class adds salutations, inversions, hip openers & arm balances to the Orinigal Bikram Series. Join us every Thursday at 1:00 & Saturday at 11:00!
*These classes are included in your class packages!

NL90 TT-Poster (1)

Next Level 90 Intermediate Series Teacher Training

June 2nd – 13th, 2017
Bikram Yoga Bend

This twelve-day intensive is for existing hot yoga teachers and will certify you to teach the Next Level 90 intermediate class. Adding salutes, inversions, hip openers, and arm balances to poses from the original 26+2, this hot series offers structure and variance over a 90-minute practice. The Next Level 90 class is high intensity and quick moving and is intended to give students the opportunity to venture into new aspects of their practice, challenge their bodies and their minds, and brings a deeper awareness to their individual potential.

Sample Daily Schedule:
9am: Beginners 26+2 asana practice
Noon: Intermediate asana breakdown and practice teach
2pm: Next Level 90 intermediate asana practice
4:30pm: Energetic anatomy, advanced teaching techniques, etc.
6:30pm: Pranayama or meditation

The curriculum breaks down the anatomy of the poses giving possible modifications and further potential for the postures. Yogic philosophy, energy body, meditation techniques, mantra, and more will be covered. Over the course of 12 days you will learn how to teach the intermediate class to all levels of practitioners and how to develop your own sadhana and self practice.

$1,199 Early Bird Pricing before April 30th.

Visit or email for more info.

In learning new and more advanced postures, the effects on the body and the mind are profound. Challenging the body towards new shapes moves the mind back into a Shoshin state, or “the beginners mind”. Bringing the self into an open, eager state, without preconception leaves opportunity for physical, emotional, and mental growth.
–Gianna Purcell