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Our Teachers


Susie McLagan ~ Director

Susie takes her leadership seriously.  Take Susie’s class you will feel her guide you through your practice with encouragement and compassion.  Susie has been a certified personal trainer since 2004.  It shows in her teaching making sure you are using the correct muscles and alignment.  After starting her practice here, at Bikram Yoga Bend, in 2004.  She knew right away that teaching and spreading Bikram Yoga was her path.  Susie became a Bikram Yoga Teacher in Spring of 2009 and purchased Bikram Yoga Bend, in February 2012.  She never tires of studying, practicing and “playing” yoga! When she is not practicing or teaching, you will find her outside running on trails, cross country skiing or doing anything that will give her an adventure outside.


Kate Andrews

When you take Kate’s class you will feel her expert knowledge and see that she is a believer in the power of [Bikram] yoga.  Her experience healing after surgery to repair a shattered tibia is a testament to using yoga to facilitate recovery.  Working consistently, frequently and patiently she recovered full range of motion and became stronger than before her injury.  In her class you will sense the importance of the practice for good health, but if the class gets too serious she will find a gentle, sometimes funny way to remind you to lighten up.  Her favorite quote to borrow and share is, “remember, it is a yoga PRACTICE not a yoga PERFECT!”
Kate has lived with her husband, children and many various pets in Bend for 16 years.  She has worked with the mind body connection as long as she can remember.  As a graduate of the Al School of Fine arts where she studied classical ballet, a career as a professional ballerina, a ballet teacher to all ages and skill levels, a certified Pilates Instructor and a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor teaching since 2007, she brings over 10,000 hrs of experience with her into the hot room.
Bikram Yoga Bend is where she goes to re-set; re-energize, re-organize and re-vitalize and she welcomes you ALL to join her in receiving the benefits from the gift of a yoga practice!


Kathy Durham

Kathy’s greatest inspiration is driven by her students’ continuous effort and desire to further their own personal goals.  She takes every opportunity she can to relate her perspective with students and that connection provides her with the motivation to remain engrossed, intrigued and humbled by the gift of yoga, health and wellness.  She has achieved personal transformation over the last ten years, much of which she contributes to consistent practice.  She says of her first class, “All of my buried anxiety, frustration, depression and suffering began to melt away with the first deep inhale and exhale.”  Kathy has competed on a national level and placed 3rd in 2008 and 8th in 2014.  She continues to travel, attend workshops, teach workshops and contribute to the larger yoga community, and we are thrilled to have her back at Bikram Yoga Bend.


Wendy Schmitt

Wendy has been practicing Bikram Yoga since 2002 and completed her Teacher Training in spring of 2004. Her personal practice has transformed her life, with each class offering a new self discovery. Wendy feels that the practice of Bikram Yoga can help anyone become more confident, balanced, and flexible. Although this may be considered a “beginners yoga” after having a steady practice for 12 years she knows that there is always something new to learn and love. Wendy’s teaching style is graceful and focused, no matter if you are a veteran or a beginner, you will leave her class feeling energized and inspired.

In addition to teaching, Wendy loves learning about health & wellness, community building, and spending time in nature with her family and friends. She is also a certified Doula, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Qoya Movement Teacher, and a Visionary Coach.

Beth Lyons

Beth’s kindness, heart and knowledge shows in each and every class she leads. Beth personally witnessed the healing power of Bikram yoga for New York-based survivors of the 9/11 attacks. Wanting to help in that healing process, Beth completed her teaching training in Los Angeles in 2002. In addition to teaching Bikram yoga, Beth is also certified in many other Yoga practices. Add in certifications in massage, including Ayurveda, backwalking, hot stone, Lomilomi, orthobiotomy, orthopedic, prenatal, Shiatsu, Swedish and Thai, well let’s just say she knows how the body moves! She is a Reiki practitioner, a Joeri practitioner and a Dona Doula. A native of Ohio trained in India, Hawaii, Thailand and New York City, Beth offers a unique blend of expertise and a lifelong passion for yoga and healing.  Beth lives in Bend with her husband Paul and her children Lucy and Jack.



Michael Harris

During Michael’s class you will experience the practice and power of yoga in a whole new way. You will be guided to new depths in both your body and your mind.
Michael attended the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 1998.  Since then he has opened, operated and sold two yoga studios.  He has helped train literally thousands of teachers and thousands of students.  Michael’s uplifting teaching style is a favorite for students and teachers everywhere.
In addition to teaching yoga, Michael is a business coach, speaker and author of the 2012 Amazon #1 Bestselling Yoga book, “Falling Down Getting UP”.  This book is his personal experience of healing multiple life threatening health issues through the practice of yoga. He is also a contributing author to the 2013 Amazon #1 Bestselling Business Motivation book “Expert Success Solutions”.  In his spare time you will find him enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer.  He especially enjoys discovering and hiking new remote trails.